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Vulnerable Children

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*The application process for our Vulnerable Children programme is now closed for September 2022. We will open for enquiries in Spring 2022 for September 2023 placement. 


A boarding school education can offer many benefits for children facing vulnerability in their home circumstances.


Where a child or young person’s home circumstances might characterise them as being on the ‘edge of care’ and/or there is a lack of available, appropriate parental care, we can help to broker available boarding school places and to support them to thrive throughout their school journey.


We consider referrals for our Vulnerable Children programme directly from families, extended families or social services professionals. If you are interested in hearing more about this programme and feel the child/young person meets our criteria, then please complete our enquiries form below. We seek medical and/or social services professional references to support any application.

'After a childhood full of family problems, moving around and bad school attendance, my bursary helped me to see life in a whole different way. It helped me to gain control of myself and my future choices - I was so lucky to benefit from this life-changing opportunity.'

A former pupil


'There is no way that I would have the opportunities in life, or would have become the person I have, without being able to go to boarding school. Boarding has helped me to understand how to live in a community where everyone cares for each other. It has given me self-confidence, and the belief in myself that I’m not worthless, but can achieve my goals with persistence and patience.'

A former pupil

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