We are passionate, not only in supporting disadvantaged and vulnerable children and young people, but also in ensuring that the impact of our work leads to lifelong transformational change for the pupils as they move towards adulthood, and raises aspirations of children and young people throughout the communities in which they live.

We are driven by a focus on impact and learning.  We can demonstrate evidence that bursary placements for disadvantaged and vulnerable young people lead to:

  • improved academic performance
  • improvements to pupils' emotional and social wellbeing
  • improved chances of securing places at university or competitive apprenticeships
  • a 'ripple effect' of rising aspirations in home communities from where our pupils come

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We work with the Department for Education (DfE) to promote boarding school places for genuinely deserving children, using the evidence that we have of our positive impact to play our part in the national social mobility debate.  

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social mobility

"Education is a key driver of social mobility and reducing educational inequality is central to this goal”, according to the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission.

Our pupils not only receive a first-class education; they are embued with a determination to act as mentors and role models.  They consistently inspire their peers and help to raise aspiration in their local communities, leading to a ‘ripple effect’ of increased social mobility.


Benefitting Boarding School Communities

We know that the boarding schools in our network also find that the presence of Royal SpringBoard pupils in their schools helps to strengthen their ethos of tolerance, and build a greater awareness amongst their boarding school community of disparities within the UK, especially with regard to social and ethnic diversity.


Research & reports

We are dealing with the lives of young people and feel keenly our obligation to monitor our impact and adapt as required. 

In November 2019 we published our first Impact Report, with findings based on analysis of pupils' academic data and post-school outcomes compared to national benchmarks, interviews with alumni and schools' staff, and an annual survey of a representative sample of more than 100 current pupils.

It builds on the earlier evaluation into The SpringBoard Bursary Foundation's work, conducted between 2013-18 by the National Foundation for Educational Research.