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SpringForward is working with independent schools to offer educational outreach opportunities to children in need and in care. As the initiative matures, independent schools will offer facilities, resources, teaching and coaching across a range of subjects and activities including sports, arts, drama, design and other areas of interest. Students will attend these outreach sessions either after school, at weekends and/or in the holidays. These opportunities will be available to all.

Two pilot schemes with similar structures are in development:

  • Pilot 1 is a Post 16 project and will commence in February 2021 .
    It will provide mentoring/advice to care experienced students who are considering an application to university. There will be five sessions between January and May. As it develops, more sessions will be added if the need arises.

  • Pilot 2 is a course directed at Year 9s to offer them guidance and support in English, Maths and sciences. The structure of the programme will be the same as above, but with more sessions and will commence in September 2021.


In both pilots, students will have an independent school mentor/coach

  • Initially meetings will be “virtual” using a video conference platform such as Zoom

  • The year will end with a summer school course (non-residential for the foreseeable future).

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