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Our accredited schools network lies
at the heart of everything we do. We work with more than 100 schools across the UK; each of whom has demonstrated its commitment to widening access and providing exemplary pastoral care and support for pupils facing disadvantage and vulnerabilities. This national network ensures that we can identify the school that provides the best match for each individual child’s academic, pastoral and social needs.

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A national network

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There are more than 105 boarding schools in our network of accredited schools. These schools all share our belief in the life-transforming potential of fully funded bursaries for children and young people facing social or economic disadvantage and other vulnerabilities.

Our accreditation process ensures that every school in our network provides excellent pastoral care, academic support and a vibrant co-curricular environment that will provide SpringBoarders with diverse opportunities to thrive.

We work closely with accredited schools on a number of fronts:

  • We support them in identifying appropriate candidates for bursary awards and in preparing young people for their placements.

  • We use our connections in pupils’ home communities to help deliver support through school holidays.

  • Our vibrant alumni programme ensures SpringBoarders are supported in building on their school experience as they embark on the next stage of their journey.


Our schools also function as a networked community, sharing best practice in pastoral care for bursary pupils; accessing the evidence and learning to support bursary fundraising drives, and; in the case of our boarding school partners, working alongside other schools to promote the relevance and merits of boarding in today’s world.