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With the significant support of trusts and foundations, who believe in the life-transforming opportunities that a boarding school education can offer, we've been able to make a positive impact on hundreds of children and their home communities, across the UK.

In 2013, The SpringBoard Bursary Foundation directly supported 25 pupils. By 2017, Royal SpringBoard was supporting 465 pupils. We now have ambitious plans to place 1,000 pupils in state and independent boarding schools, at any one time, by 2023.

The origins of our charity date back to 1827 and over that time, thousands of children have been supported. We can’t let that momentum fade.

Our work is unique – based on the ‘Whole Child’ agenda – offering a holistic support programme and working with the data organisation, STEER to monitor pupils' emotional well being.

The National Foundation for Educational Research evaluates our work annually in a published report to monitor the impact that bursaries are having, not just on pupils, but on home communities and boarding school communities.

Partnerships lie at the heart of our grant making, and education underpins almost all of our activities. As a funder, our objective is to promote excellence, and we are delighted to support the aim of Royal SpringBoard in supporting children to meet their potential, whatever their background.

 - Paul Ramsbottom, Chief Executive, The Wolfson Foundation

Number of pupils receiving life-transforming bursaries:


SpringBoard supported



Royal SpringBoard supported



Royal SpringBoard aim to support



The more pupils we can help, the greater the positive impact that we can have on the lives of disadvantaged children and the communities that they come from.

By getting involved you can:

  • Be part of increasing social mobility for children who otherwise would have had limited life opportunities
  • See your involvement really transform not only children’s lives, but create a ripple effect through their families and communities
  • Be certain that the funding really gets to the pupils who need the help most and who will most benefit from the experience of a boarding school education

If you would like to learn more, please get in touch by contacting Naomi Roper, Director of Fundraising.


The Charles Dunstone
Charitable Trust

The Trillium Trust