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Please consider leaving us a legacy in your will. Your generosity can give life-transforming opportunities to disadvantaged and vulnerable children.   

By contributing towards full bursaries for a state or independent boarding school education, you can help these children be moved into a safe and structured environment, away from troubled and challenging circumstances.

By leaving a legacy, you are not just helping disadvantaged children improve their educational attainment, employability and aspirations, but investing in a sustained ‘ripple effect’ of increased social mobility across deprived communities.

My experience at boarding school and with Royal SpringBoard was challenging... you won't reach your full potential unless you leave your comfort zone and it's because of this, that I had such an amazing two years.

- Nazifa, Royal SpringBoard alumna

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This means that the impact of your legacy is not restricted to the individual pupil, but also positively influences the lives of their families and their wider neighbourhood.

Contact Naomi Roper for more information.