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Join a network of philanthropists and like-minded supporters who recognise that supporting Royal SpringBoard isn’t just about making an investment in an individual child, but is an investment in a whole community.

We offer 110 percent bursaries to genuinely deserving children from vulnerable and disadvantaged backgrounds and commit to supporting pupils for the duration of their boarding school education.

We work with a 'Whole Child' agenda model, a wraparound pastoral support system to provide the best opportunity for pupils to thrive at school and beyond. We continue to track their progress until the age of 25 years.

These pupils are then instilled with an ambition to act as mentors and role models to inspire their peers and help raise aspiration in their local communities, leading to the ‘ripple effect’ of increased social mobility.

[Royal SpringBoard]: a great idea, a great concept, a great plan…it’s effective and leading to real outcomes. What I really love is that it’s scalable. We have a proven model … and that is an exciting prospect.

- Ric Lewis, Trustee, Royal Springboard, and CEO/Chairman,  Tristan Capital Partners

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100% of pupils fulfilled post-18 aspirations:

% of pupils who went to university


% of pupils who took a gap year


% of pupils who took an apprenticeship


* 2017 SpringBoard data


It costs Royal SpringBoard an average of £5,000 to place a pupil in boarding school for one year. As the average boarding school fee is £30,000, the charity leverages a return of 6:1 from the school on each £1 we contribute to a child’s education.

And, we can make your money go even further: two committed donors have pledged to match all new donations made until 31st May 2019. Therefore, every £1 you donate until this date, will be worth £2 to the charity.

By supporting us, we can support more pupils. Our aim is to double our reach and place 1,000 pupils in schools at any one time by 2023. By investing in their education and well-being, you can help raise aspirations and create a lasting, positive 'ripple effect' through disadvantaged communities.

By joining us in our fundraising effort, you will benefit from:

  • Seeing children from disadvantaged backgrounds grow in confidence as they start achieving their goals, supported by a boarding school education
  • Feeling a part of the process of helping not just one pupil, but their families and wider communities
  • Regular updates on our work, its impact and the outcomes of the pupils we are helping

There are many ways you can help make a positive impact on our work – making a donation, setting up a regular gift or fundraising on behalf of the charity. Please get in touch with Naomi Roper, Director of Fundraising, to discuss ideas.