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Become a Royal SpringBoard school

Over the years we have developed strong relationships with the state and independent boarding school sector, to grow the number of life-transforming bursary places available and to ensure the best possible outcomes for the pupils that we support.

We have designed an accreditation process that we ask boarding schools to complete before placing a Royal SpringBoard bursary pupil in that school.  Currently, 90 schools have completed that accreditation process.

Accreditation ensures that all Royal SpringBoard schools share our commitment to:

  • Provide exemplary pastoral care and support for pupils from disadvantaged circumstances
  • Increase social mobility through widening access to boarding education
  • Learn from, adapt and share best practice

We value our accredited schools for offering a differing range of opportunities and experiences that reflect the diversity of our pupils. This helps us to find the right place for the right child.

We have been delighted to work with Royal Springboard over the last five years. It is reassuring for us to know that the students who come through Royal Springboard have been identified as students who both have the need for boarding and will benefit from all that Sherborne Girls has to offer.

- Jenny Dwyer, former Headmistress, Sherborne Girls' School

By becoming a Royal SpringBoard school, schools benefit by:

  • Gaining new pupils via Royal SpringBoard partners
  • Enriching and enhancing their school communities by increasing social diversity
  • Learning and sharing best practice in pastoral care for pupils
  • Learning and sharing best practice in fundraising for bursaries
  • Helping to increase social mobility
  • Widening access to boarding education
  • Promoting the relevance and merits of modern boarding in today’s world

How to become a Royal SpringBoard school

Accreditation comprises the following four stages:


1. We review your school’s most recent inspection reports

2. You complete our school self-assessment document

3. We visit your school

4. A relevant member of staff attends our annual training day, in order to support the school and deliver best practice in relation to our pupils