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direct referral

If you believe that your child would merit a Royal SpringBoard bursary and meets the criteria, then you can contact us directly to find out if you are eligible. We have a large number of applications and we are only able to help the most deserving pupils.

Before you contact us, we ask you to think carefully about whether boarding school is the most suitable option. A child may come from a low-income family and face many disadvantages, but may not best benefit from a boarding school environment.

Stage one - Contact us 

Before contacting us, please make sure you are certain that you qualify for a Royal SpringBoard bursary by reading the information Become a Royal SpringBoard pupil on this website.  If you do meet the criteria, please get in touch by filling out the contact form on this website. 

Stage two - Complete an application

We will ask you to fill out an application pack which includes a means-testing form. Please send these back to us, along with your child’s most recent school report and references.

We review all of the information you have provided and will then let you know if you meet our criteria.

If your child is eligible for a Royal SpringBoard bursary, you can proceed to the next stage.

If your child is not eligible, unfortunately, you cannot proceed beyond this stage.

stage three - home visit

Once we have reviewed your completed application pack, and feel you meet our criteria, we will then contact you to arrange a potential home visit.

Stage four - find a suitable school

Balancing everything we have learned, we carefully match your child to a boarding school,  if a school has not already been identified by you. Once a suitable match has been found, then we arrange for your child to visit the boarding school.

What happens during the visit depends on the individual boarding school, but generally, your child will have a tour of the school and the relevant boarding house, you will meet some pupils and staff and probably the headteacher. There may be further assessments and/or an overnight stay.

Stage five - The school offers your child a place

Following the visit, the Royal SpringBoard school decides whether or not to offer your child a place. The school’s decision is final.

If making an offer, the school will write to you at home and will also inform Royal SpringBoard. The offer letter will be accompanied by an acceptance form for you to sign and return to the school.

If making a conditional offer, the school will explain the conditions to be fulfilled. The conditions could be based on your child’s GCSE results, for example, if your child is entering into the sixth form.

If considered appropriate, the school may invite your child to return to the school for an overnight stay to check that your child is happy in the boarding environment and to ensure that he or she and the school are the right fit for each other.

If your child is offered a place at the Royal SpringBoard school, you can proceed to the next stage.

If a place is not offered, you should discuss with us what to do next.

Stage six - Complete the boarding school forms

The Royal SpringBoard school will send you a joining or induction pack.

Make sure that you complete all the forms in full and that you send back to the Royal SpringBoard school everything you have been asked to send.

In September, finally, your child starts at boarding school!