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Become a royal springboard pupil

If you think your child could be helped by receiving a bursary from us, and you meet the right criteria, then you can contact us directly. We are determined to reach the most deserving children and wish to reduce the barriers for those who need our help the most.

We would love to support more children, but we have don’t have the resources to help everyone. So we do a detailed assessment to work out whether you would merit a bursary.  


Direct referral

If you believe that your child would merit a bursary and meets the requirements, then you can contact us directly to find out if you are eligible. We have a large number of applications and we are only able to help the most deserving pupils.

Before you contact us, we ask you to think carefully about whether boarding school is the most suitable option. A child may come from a low-income family and face many disadvantages, but may not be suitable for a boarding school environment.

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our stories

The work we do transforms children's lives and their wider home communities.

Please read what others say about how Royal SpringBoard has impacted their lives. 


Boarding info hub

In the boarding info hub you will find details about what it's like to go to boarding school and how the system works. It includes pupils and parents talking about their experiences, as well as practical information.

The hub contains a section on useful links, other helpful related organisations and answers to frequently asked questions. 

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