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Jane Lunnon


Jane Lunnon has been Head of Wimbledon High School since September 2014, having, since 2010, been Senior Deputy Head at Wellington College, playing a key role in its Senior Leadership Team, working to increase the profile of girls in the recently co-educational school. Jane was appointed as a Governing Board member of Newland House in Autumn 2015 and of Notting Hill Prep School in January 2017. She is also a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company Education Committee. She helped to set up The Sunday Times / Wellington College Annual Education Festival and has run (and spoken at) numerous workshops and conferences, including twice at the Global Girls’ Education Forum in the US.
Jane believes wholeheartedly that a good education encourages young people to find and to use their voices to help make change happen and she is happy to model that herself in speaking to the press about educational issues which matter. Her approach is to build confidence, ambition and an appreciation of excellence in all aspects of education, but to remember, always, that schools should be places of play and fun and joy. And if they are not, we are probably all doing it wrong!
She is currently secretary of the GSA London Region Heads division and sits on the HMC Universities’ Committee. In April 2019, Jane published a book with co-editor David James: The State of Independence.

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