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Rogan McGilp


Rogan McGilp cared for his brother, who is profoundly disabled, since he was young, and never really had much of a social life or the chance to do any activities. So, when the chance to experience boarding school arose, he jumped at it; however, his family wasn't able to afford to send him there. It was at this point RNCF kindly stepped in and supported his boarding school career which broadened his horizons massively! Rogan went on to build the first fully disabled, accessible and driveable drag race car at the age of 16, winning National Young Engineer 2016, and now at 18, runs his own company, Rogue Rod Kustoms, where he builds bespoke Hot Rods and race cars.

"The support I received changed my life, so the chance to help advise and maybe make a difference for someone else, is not one I could miss."

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