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Ric Lewis


Ric Lewis is Chief Executive and Chairman of Tristan Capital Partners, a London-based real estate investment management company with €9.0+Billion in AuM, specialising in investment strategies in all property types across the UK and continental Europe for global institutional, endowment and private wealth investors.

Outside of work, Ric volunteers the majority of his time to organisations dedicated to improving the pathways to, and the quality of education, especially for children from less advantaged areas and environments. In 2009, Ric founded his own charitable foundation, The Black Heart Foundation (, dedicated to supporting initiatives that improve educational benefits and opportunities for young people. Each year, the Foundation provides several educational scholarships to young people in need in the UK and abroad. In addition to his role as a Trustee of Royal National Children's SpringBoard Foundation, Ric also serves on a number of educational and community Boards, including the Board of Trustees of Dartmouth College (USA), Board of Governors of King Solomon Academy, the Board of Directors of the Eastside Young Leaders' Academy and the Board of Trustees (Chairman) of The Institute of Imagination (London Children’s Museum).

"I am so pleased to serve as a Trustee of Royal National Children's SpringBoard Foundation. There is little more worthy that I could possibly do with my time than helping Royal SpringBoard to remove some of the barriers to greater aspiration and achievement in education and life for the talented, ambitious and deserving young adults of this country."

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