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Alex Hanratty

Deputy CEO


Alex is the Deputy CEO of Royal National Children’s SpringBoard Foundation, having previously helped set up The SpringBoard Bursary Foundation as Deputy CEO and Director of Partner Relationships. Alex is primarily responsible for all Royal SpringBoard pupil placements and operations, as well as supporting Ian with his role as CEO.

As a graduate of Leeds University, Alex started her career in the private sector as Centre Director for the company Explore Learning, a national organisation which runs tuition centres across the UK. In 2007, she transferred to the not-for-profit sector as Deputy Chief Executive of The ClementJames Centre, an award-winning education and employment charity, where she worked for over six years. During her time at ClementJames, she served disadvantaged families in an area of extreme urban deprivation in inner-city London, where she also helped secure bursaries for children at independent schools. She takes this valuable experience into her role at Royal SpringBoard.

Alex also has a post-graduate Diploma in Psychological Coaching from the Metanoia Institute and is a Trustee of Westside School, an alternative provision school for young people from 11-16 years old in West London.

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