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Become a Royal SpringBoard partner

We partner with a range of organisations in the UK who work with children and are able to recommend pupils who would most benefit from receiving a Royal SpringBoard bursary.

Our partners include charities, mentoring organisations, state day schools and local authorities, who are looking to achieve the best possible outcomes for disadvantaged children.

Through their day to day activity, they get to know children and their home circumstances well. This means they are well placed to recommend potential pupils to us, who they feel meet our eligibility criteria and would benefit from a Royal SpringBoard bursary.

Through working with us, our partners can:

  • Help eligible children access a boarding education
  • Ensure the pupils have year-round pastoral care and support
  • Raise the aspirations of other pupils they work with
  • Increase awareness and acceptance of social diversity
  • Share best practice with other organisations with similar values
  • Help to increase social mobility
  • In the case of local authority partners, offer a cost-effective alternative to other forms of care

My experience has been very good working with SpringBoard. We have been enabled and encouraged to provide outstanding opportunities for many young people from underprivileged areas with limited aspirations. I feel proud to have been involved in this.

- Royal SpringBoard Partner

Partners then work closely with us and with our schools to:

  • Prepare pupils for starting at boarding school
  • Monitor pupils’ progress at school
  • Support pupils during school holidays
  • Encourage pupils to inspire others in their communities

How to become a Royal SpringBoard partner


1. We review your website, your annual report and accounts and any recent external inspection or evaluation report, as applicable

2. You complete our Partner Self-Evaluation form

3. We have a meeting with you

4. You attend an information session to hear from existing partners and representatives from Royal SpringBoard schools

5. After successful completion of partner assessment, we encourage you to start recommending potential pupils to us