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Thoughts of a year 6 girl - Day in the life of a boarder


"I am writing about my experiences leading up to me getting into boarding school. I am extremely thankful to [Royal SpringBoard] for helping me get into this wonderful school. Since I was a young child, it was a dream of mine to go to a boarding school and [Royal SpringBoard], along with the help of a partner organisation, have enabled me to fulfil that dream. I am also grateful to my parents who have supported me all along the way.

My first experience of my new school came when I went to the open morning. There we had a tour led by the school’s lovely students. There was also a talk by the headmistress, which informed us of the school’s ethos and gave me and my family a very good feeling about it. I thought the school grounds, the specially built years 7 & 8 building and all the facilities were amazing.

In preparation, every Saturday I went to `Masterclass’ with my partner organisation, where they prepared me for both getting into and succeeding at boarding school. After passing the tests - Creative writing, Maths and Non-verbal reasoning - and a successful interview, [Royal SpringBoard] and my partner organisation organised for me and my family to visit the school. The visit, which consisted of a tour and a private talk with the headmistress, was very good and it encouraged me and my family that this was the right school for me. Later, I received a lovely card from my assigned 'buddy' - a child in the older year who helps children who are just starting at the school, like me.

On Friday the 6th of June my mum and I travelled by train to the school for a taster weekend. It was a very informative, helpful and fun packed weekend. I took part in a textiles lesson, a PE lesson where we played a very exciting version of rounders and a PSCHE lesson. That evening, we played pyjama rounders! Saturday gave me a chance to meet and socialise with the pupils in the house. There was a fete and BBQ in which the girls raised over £300 for cancer research! On Sunday, there was the `new girls’ lunch’ with a selection of healthy, delicious food. After the main part of the meal, while our parents were being briefed, all the children joining the year 7 & 8 boarding house went outside for some games and socialising. It gave us an opportunity to share information about ourselves and get to know one another better. The stay was amazing and I really got a feel of what the school was about- I absolutely loved it!

The new girls’ lunch was great fun and I even made a new friend! The visit completely strengthened my views on the school. I had always liked this school, but after the stay there was no doubt in my mind that I belonged there.

Following on from that, my parents and I have been getting regular updates from the school, in preparation for starting there in September. Even though I still feel nervous about leaving my family and friends behind, I feel that the support and care I have received from my assigned liaison person, the house mistress and everybody has been great!

I would like to thank my partner organisation for helping me prepare, [Royal SpringBoard] for helping me to live my dream and everyone at the school for allowing me to join their wonderful school! I am extremely excited to be going to this school and I hope that one day I will be in a position to give something back to others.  Thank you again."

A day in the life

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