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Royal SpringBoard Launch Website


Royal SpringBoard has launched its new website.  The merger in 2017 between The SpringBoard Bursary Foundation and Royal National Children's Foundation, created the largest boarding school bursary charity in the UK.  The new website has been created to provide a 'go to' place for potential beneficiaries, or their parents, to find out more information.  It also showcases the Royal SpringBoard accredited schools and partners, as well as various pieces of research work that have been undertaken by the charity.

The new website is also a window into the boarding bursary world, and how the various aspects of the process work.  The eligibility models are set out clearly and succinctly, and will give the potential pupil a clear idea of whether they will be able to apply for help from Royal SpringBoard.

One of the most important factors of the new website is its ability to take donations - whether through community fundraising projects, via legacies, from corporate donors or through the grants from trusts and foundations.  

The team at Royal SpringBoard worked with the digital agency, Blue Level to create this new information space.  Please go to to see the result.



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    Royal SpringBoard Launch Website

    The largest boarding school bursary charity in the UK has launched a new website.

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