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Social mobility

“Education is a key driver of social mobility and reducing educational inequality is central to this goal” (Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission 2018).

Our pupils not only receive a first class education, but are embued with a determinatino to act as mentors and role models, to inspire their peers and help raise aspiration in their local communities, leading to the ‘ripple effect’ of increased social mobility.

What I find most inspiring … is the number of kids who want to make a difference when they are in a position of power to make that difference. 

 - John Denny, Hope Opportunity Trust, Royal SpringBoard partner

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% of pupils who state that Royal SpringBoard bursaries have:

Changed their lives for the better


Opened up new opportunities


Increased career aspirations



Our Alumni

We continue monitoring the progress of pupils that we have supported with a boarding school bursary placement up until they are 25 years old. For us, this is a long-term commitment to ensuring that these children and young people's aspirations and life chances are improved so that they can lead successful adult lives.

We have ambitious plans to build the Royal SpringBoard alumni movement to champion social mobility and provide support for future generations.