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research & Reports

We are dealing with the lives of children and young people and feel keenly our obligation to monitor our impact and adapt as required.

In November 2019 we published our first Impact Report, with findings based on analysis of pupils' academic data and post-school outcomes compared to national benchmarks, interviews with alumni and schools' staff, and an annual survey of a representative sample of more than 100 current pupils.

It builds on the earlier evaluation into The SpringBoard Bursary Foundation's work, conducted between 2013-18 by the National Foundation for Educational Research.

Please read the reports to see the excellent progress that we are making.


Royal SpringBoard Impact Report - 14 November 2019

Royal springboard Annual reports

Royal Springboard Annual Report & Financial Statements 31 July 2018

Royal SpringBoard Annual Report & Financial Statements 31 July 2017

The SpringBoard Bursary Foundation Annual Report & Accounts 30 June 2017

National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) reports

The National Foundation for Educational Research produced its fourth report on the work of The SpringBoard Bursary Foundation, prior to the merger with Royal National Children's Foundation.  The results continue to underpin and inform the work of Royal SpringBoard.

In the most recent report it concluded, "The findings from the evaluation of SpringBoard are extremely positive, with pupils and staff reporting a wide range of impacts as a result of pupils moving to boarding schools, and remarkably few negative consequences."

"Even though SpringBoard has expanded significantly during the evaluation period - working with more partners and schools and supporting an increasing number of pupils - effective working relationships have been developed and have continued to grow between partner organisations, original and member schools, pupils, and their families/carers."

We are extremely pleased with the NFER's findings and are continuing to work hard to ensure even better results for Royal SpringBoard in the future.

The SpringBoard Bursary Foundation Impact Assessment: Year 4 December 2017


We have a strong partnership with the data organisation, STEER, whose pioneering social-emotional tracking programme we use to evaluate and chart the progress of our pupils' emotional and social well-being.

All pupils placed by Royal SpringBoard since September 2017 have taken part in this tracking programme. We use the results predominantly to ensure the right pastoral care approaches are in place for each pupil.  But the results are also aggregated to provide us with crucial insights into the impact of the boarding school experience on our current pupils.  We use these insights to adapt our operating model as required.

Excerpts from the recent STEER evaluation of Royal SpringBoard pupils' AS tracking profiles:

'Using AS tracking for a second year, we can evidence with more reliable data, the positive impact that boarding schools are having on Royal SpringBoard pupils, especially within their first year at school.  We can see that pupils are generally becoming better able to self-regulate during their time at boarding school.'  The tracking data provides the charity  and its boarding school network with insights to reflect on as they develop their work.  Some examples:

...'Whilst Royal SpringBoard pupils 'tend to overcommit', and 'feel the pressure of the bursary, which lead lead to burnout if not addressed, it is positive to see that this is gradually becoming moderated by the work of schools and partners.'

...'Results also continue to show that Royal SpringBoard's 6th Form / Year 12 placements are the most fragile...[but] schools provide fantastic pastoral support [and] STEER action plans can ensure that the support is focused and targeted.'

...'We have also noticed a trend towards Royal SpringBoard pupils joining school with a misplaced optimism and lack of realism, which is being moderated throughout their time at boarding school, which is another example of a positive impact boarding is having.'

...'encouraging findings which continue to show the overwhelmingly positive, and life-transforming work that schools are doing with Royal SpringBoard pupils.'