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We know that the boarding schools in our network also find that the presence of Royal
SpringBoard pupils in their schools helps to strengthen their ethos of tolerance, and build a
greater awareness amongst their boarding school community of disparities within the UK,
especially with regard to social and ethnic diversity.

The evaluation into The SpringBoard Bursary Foundation, that was conducted between 2013
and 2018 by the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) found that
SpringBoard pupils have ‘definitely broken down barriers, prejudice or ignorance’ and that
this supported the work of staff in ‘strengthening an accepting tolerant ethos’ and
‘challenging disparaging and unhealthy beliefs in a direct, though tactful way… [ensuring]
peers become more aware of their privileged situation and develop a greater sensitivity
towards others.’

Read the NFER research

The young people that we have helped to date have brought an infectious positivity about the opportunity of being part of our community that rubs off on their peers.

 - Tony Burrows, Deputy Head (Admissions), Oundle School

(Yuriel) helped us to understand a lot about other people. I think we’re in a real bubble here and hearing him speak and becoming his friend has helped us to think differently about how lucky we are.

- Year 13 pupil, Millfield College