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Accessibility Statement

Royal SpringBoard constantly updates and improves this website and, because we want to make your experience of our website as good as possible, we are committed to making it accessible and user-friendly, regardless of ability or access to technology.

Browsers we support

This website has been tested on the following browsers, in accordance with Government guidelines:

Windows:    Internet Explorer 11

Edge (latest versions)

Google Chrome (latest versions)

Mozilla Firefox (latest versions)

macOS:        Safari 9 and later

Google Chrome (latest versions)

Mozilla Firefox (latest versions)

iOS:        Safari for iOS 9.3 and later

Google Chrome (latest versions)

Android:    Google Chrome (latest versions)

Samsung internet (latest versions).


Royal SpringBoard’s publications and our other downloadable materials are available as Adobe PDF files. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access them and, if you need to, you can download this from the Adobe website.


To make these as clear as possible, the fields in forms are clearly labelled and any errors in completed forms are flagged up before forms can be submitted.


We aim to make things easier for readers by having alternative text for images within galleries which describes the contents or function of what is shown on screen.


Our links are clear and designed to make sense out of context. We show links in sentences in a different colour and links open in the same window, unless otherwise stated.

Navigation aids

You can return to the homepage at any time by clicking on our logo in the top left-hand corner of the page.

The search function in the top right-hand corner of the page can be used to find specific pages.

There is a link to the Sitemap at the bottom of every page and this can also be used to find specific pages, or where you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for.

The top of the page shows you where you are in any given section of the website.


We use fonts which are designed to be easy to read.

You may be able to change the text size using your browser settings.

We use headings and sub-headings to show the structure of a page and to make it easier for screen readers.

We only use language appropriate to the content of the text and aim to write all our text as clearly as possible.


Videos are not set to play automatically on our website.

We use YouTube to show our videos because we believe it’s the most accessible way to do so, but please note that we cannot control the accessibility function of YouTube.

Visual design

This site uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for visual layout, which means the pages are designed to be readable, being well-structured and compatible with most assistive technologies.


If you have any difficulty using Royal SpringBoard’s website, or if you find a problem on a particular page, please let us know by emailing or by using the form on our Contact us page.

This accessibility statement was last updated on 10 September 2018 and is kept under regular review.