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What we do

Royal SpringBoard is a charity giving life-transforming opportunities to disadvantaged and vulnerable children. These young people typically come from a background of social deprivation.

Some of our children have experienced parental death, abuse, or sibling/parent disability and are at the edge of care, others come from loving and supportive environments but have some measure of social deprivation. We also support Looked After Children through our work with local authorities.

By facilitating full bursaries for a state or independent boarding school education, we give these children the chance to be moved into a safe and structured environment, away from often troubled and challenging circumstances.

We are the UK’s largest boarding school bursary charity, following the merger in 2017 of Royal National Children's Foundation and The SpringBoard Bursary Foundation.

Working together with schools, local government and charities, we carefully identify young people who would benefit most from the positive impact of a boarding school environment and the transformational effect of our work.  


Why do we do it . . . ?

. . . because we make a difference to deserving children by giving them the ability to build on their remarkable skills and talents.

- Ian Davenport, CEO, Royal SpringBoard

Number of pupils receiving life-transforming bursaries:


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Royal SpringBoard supported



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Paramount to our success is the way we embrace the ‘Whole Child’ agenda, making sure that all the needs of a pupil are met.

As well as an outstanding education, each pupil receives pioneering pastoral support, backed up by a tracking system developed by the data organisation, STEER. We continue monitoring a young person’s well-being up until they are 25 years old. For us, this is a long-term commitment.  

Our driving passion is to help more of these deserving children. We currently provide for just under 500 pupils, but have ambitious plans to double this number and aim to place 1,000 pupils in boarding schools at any one time by 2023.

This is because we know, through independent research, that by advancing the education of those in need through our bursary scheme, young lives and consequently communities, can be dramatically changed for good.