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Mission and vision

Our mission is to improve and transform the lives of young, disadvantaged children by supporting their educational opportunities in both state and independent boarding schools.

By doing this, we seek to improve their educational attainment, employability, and aspirations.

We believe in the ‘Whole Child’ agenda; a wraparound pastoral support system, which provides the best opportunities for the bursary pupils to thrive.

Our vision is to create a sustained ‘ripple effect’ of increased social mobility across deprived communities. This means that the impact of our work is not restricted to the individual child, but also positively influences the lives of their families and their wider neighbourhood.

Had I not gone to boarding school, I'd probably have been consumed by the negative environment around me. 

I would've not achieved what I have today, nor have developed the relationships, or confidence that I now have in myself. 

 - Kristin, Royal SpringBoard alumnus

Read Kristin's story

We ensure that our pupils:

  • Broaden their horizons by raising their aspirations and their perceptions of what is possible
  • Feel happy and secure in a safe environment, away from risk, danger or bad influences they might experience in their home community, during term time and in the school holidays
  • Improve their social skills and social engagement, so, in turn, they are open to other opportunities and new friendships
  • Increase their independence, well-being, confidence and resilience
  • Enhance their prospects for further education, employment and careers
  • Increase and enhance their social mobility through their widening educational opportunities