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OUR Mission and vision

Our mission is to transform the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable children and young people in the UK by providing them with the opportunity to attend a state or independent boarding school.

In doing so, our vision is to build a 'ripple effect' in these pupils' home communities, that starts to shift the aspirations and achievements of a growing number of children born into poverty, disadvantage and facing vulnerability.  By matching disadvantaged children and young people to boarding schools that are best suited to their needs and interests, and providing help and support to ensure that the school placements succeed, we know that it is possible to secure life-transforming outcomes for these children and young people in raising their academic attainment levels, self-confidence and emotional and social wellbeing, aspirations and future employability prospects.

Our ‘Whole Child’ agenda ensures that each pupil is supported with a strong wraparound pastoral care approach, which provides the best conditions for them to thrive.

Boarding school has forwarded my life in unprecedented ways.  The experience has given me a lot that I will forever be grateful for.

I am more confident now, inspired and have plans in future to help people like me.

 - Yuriel, Royal SpringBoard alumnus


We support pupils to:

  • Broaden their horizons, raise their aspirations and lift their perceptions of what is possible
  • Feel happy and secure in a safe environment, away from risk, danger or bad influences they might experience in their home community, during term time and in the school holidays
  • Improve their social skills, self-confidence and ability to engage effectively with others, so, in turn, they are open to other opportunities and new friendships
  • Increase their independence, well-being and resilience
  • Enhance their prospects for progressing to higher education, employment and desirable careers