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We …

  •  always start with the child        

… in everything that we do we ask, “What is in the best interests of the child (or young person)?”. Our ‘whole child’-centered approach means constantly asking ourselves if we are doing all we can to ensure children are healthy, safe, supported engaged and thriving academically

  • are optimistic  

… we believe passionately that a boarding or independent school education offers the opportunity to lift the life chances of all children, regardless of their background

  • act with integrity              

 … our pupils, families, schools and community partners trust us to make good decisions based on a confidence in our values and how we work

  • are focused on impact and learning           

… we hold ourselves accountable; we are committed to continuously reflecting on our pupils’ experiences and adapting our model to respond to what we learn      

  • work together in a network                                         

… we believe that it is only by working collaboratively in long-term, committed school and community-partnerships that we will make a lasting difference to social mobility. We are better than the sum of our parts.